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Delhi to Kedarnath Trip Overview

Kedarnath, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, is one of the holiest shrines of Lord Shiva. Located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, Kedarnath is part of the Char Dham pilgrimage circuit, along with Yamunotri, Gangotri, and Badrinath.

A trip to Kedarnath from Delhi is an experience that combines religious significance with breathtaking natural beauty. Here’s a quick overview to help you plan your trip:

Distance: The distance between Delhi and Kedarnath is about 450 kilometers.

Travel Time: By road, it takes roughly 11 hours to reach Kedarnath from Delhi, without any stoppages. However, it is recommended to break the journey into multiple days to acclimatize to the high altitude and make the most of your experience.

Route: There are two main routes to travel by road from Delhi to Kedarnath:

  • Route 1: Delhi – Meerut – Muzaffarnagar – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Devprayag – Rudraprayag – Guptkashi – Sonprayag – Gaurikund – Kedarnath
  • Route 2: Delhi – Ghaziabad – Khatauli – Najibabad – Kotdwar – Devprayag – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Guptkashi – Sonprayag – Gaurikund – Kedarnath

Modes of Transportation:

  • Road: You can either drive your own car, hire a taxi, or take a bus to Kedarnath. Buses are a budget-friendly option, while taxis offer more flexibility. If you choose to drive, be aware that the roads in the mountains can be narrow and winding.
  • Helicopter: Helicopter services are available from Guptkashi and Phata to Kedarnath. This is the fastest way to reach Kedarnath, but it is also the most expensive.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Registration: Registration at Kedarnath Yatri Niwas (KMYN) is mandatory for all pilgrims visiting Kedarnath. You can register online or at the registration counters in Haridwar, Rishikesh, or Guptkashi.
  • Weather: Kedarnath is located in the Himalayas and experiences extreme weather conditions. The best time to visit Kedarnath is between May and June and September and October. The temple is closed during the winter months due to heavy snowfall.
  • Physical Fitness: The trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath is about 18 kilometers and can be challenging, especially for those not used to high altitudes. It is advisable to be in good physical condition before undertaking the trek.

Places to Stay:

There are a variety of stay options available in Kedarnath, ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury hotels. However, due to limited accommodation in Kedarnath, it’s advisable to book your stay in advance, especially during peak season.


A typical itinerary for a trip from Delhi to Kedarnath would be:

  • Day 1: Drive from Delhi to Haridwar or Rishikesh.
  • Day 2: Drive from Haridwar/Rishikesh to Guptkashi.
  • Day 3: Trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath.
  • Day 4: Visit the Kedarnath Temple and explore the surrounding area.
  • Day 5: Trek back to Gaurikund and drive to Guptkashi.
  • Day 6: Drive back to Delhi.

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This is a basic itinerary, and you can customize it to fit your interests and time constraints. There are many other places to visit and things to do along the way, such as visiting the holy towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh, or enjoying the scenic beauty of the Himalayas.

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